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Think in English Fly와 연계 ∙ 확장된 문형으로
나레이션과 실생활 대화를 스토리로 읽으며
생생하게 배우는 Froebel Docu Phonics
Docu Phonics Book 24권, Thinking Pen 1개,
교구 1종, Audio CD 2장, Docu Phonics 활용 가이드 1권
A 구성 (씽킹 펜 포함) : 318,000원
B 구성 (씽킹 펜 제외) : 219,000원

* B 구성의 경우 상품 구매 이력이 있는
고객에 한해 구매 가능
Docu Phonics Book
1. Clever Blair Got the Flag
2. Let's Play on the Slippery Slope!
3. A Weekend Trip with My Aunt
4. Something Stinks!
5. Better than Peaches and Cherries
6. Here Comes Super Sheldon!
7. This is Ethan! That is Nathan!
8. Whitney’s White Bike
9. A Perfect Father's Day Party
10. No More Dough for the Birthday Party
11. Two Boys and the Coins
12. How about Playing Together, Howard?
13. Brad and the Little Crab
14. Claps for Sam and Cam
15. Blake and Jake's Fake Snowflakes
16. Not Yet, Ben and Ted! Find more Hens!
17. Shhh... Don’t Tell Mom!
18. The Sheep Contest on a Steep Hill
19. A Day in the Big Theater
20. Visiting Grandparents on Thanksgiving
21. The Little Rice Snack Hunters
22. Bob Alone at the Log Cabin
23. That Kangaroo Does Not Have Spots
24. What a Fun Puppet Club!
Thinking Pen
Thinking Pen 1개
USB Cable 1개
Handy Audio Ghost House
Handy Audio Ghost House 1개
Handy Audio 1장
Phonics Words Game 1~3 Cards 13장
Phonics Words Game 3 Keys 4개
Audio CD
Audio CD 2장
Docu Phonics 활용 가이드
Docu Phonics 활용 가이드 1권