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Froebel Think in English
Story Book 16권, Thinking Pen 1개, 교구 1종,
Sentence Cards 48장, Paragraph Cards 24장,
Audio CD 2장, Think in English Fly 2 활용 가이드 1권
A 구성 (씽킹 펜 포함) : 298,000원
B 구성 (씽킹 펜 제외) : 199,000원

* B 구성의 경우 상품 구매 이력이 있는
고객에 한해 구매 가능
Story Book
1. My Adventurous Summer
2. A Bus to the Concert
3. What a Horrible Dream!
4. Animals in Places
5. Try This! Try That!
6. Let Me Help, Grandma!
7. It's Too Expensive
8. Oh No! It's Closed!
9. Are the Beans Magical?
10. Boo! I'm a Monster!
11. Not Anymore!
12. It's Yours Now!
13. Click, Click! Finding a Dolphin
14. What We Did Today!
15. Taste the World
16. Where Are My Babies?
Thinking Pen
Thinking Pen 1개
USB Cable 1개
Handy Audio Elevator
Handy Audio Elevator 1개
Handy Audio 1장
Paragraph Cards
Paragraph Cards 24장
Sentence Cards
Sentence Cards 48장
Audio CD
Audio CD 2장
Think in English Fly 2 활용 가이드
Think in English Fly 2 활용 가이드 1권