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Picture Book 20권 / Activity Show(DVD) 6장 /
Audio CD 2장 / Role Play Show / 역할 인형 20개 /
Audio Card / Parents' Guide
* 퍼포먼스 English와 연계 교육 가능

Picture Book 20권 / Activity Show(DVD) 5장 /
Audio CD 2장 / Parents' Guide
* 교육 불가능

A구성 - 250,000원
B구성 - 220,000원
Picture Book
1.The Dog and the Shadow
2.The Ox and the Frog
3.The Ant and the Grasshopper
4.The Vain Crow
5.Pigs on a Picnic
6.The Musicians of Bremen
7.The Cookie Boy
8.The Lion and the Mouse
9.The Ugly Duckling
10.The Fox and the Crane
11.The City Mouse and the Country Mouse
12.Goldilocks and the Three Bears
13.The Three Little Pigs
14.Why Elephants Have Long Noses
15.The Naked King
16.The Wind and the Sun
17.The Milkmaid
18.Jack and the Beanstalk
19.The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf
20.The Rabbit and the Tortoise
Activity Show & Audio CD & Audio Card
DVD 6장 / Audio CD 1장 / Audio Card 1장
Role Play Show
Role Play Show 1권 / 동화 스크립트 카드 10장 / 역할 인형 20개
Parents' Guide
Parents' Guide 1권